Main Gate Overlay District Review Committee

Development under the provisions of the Main Gate District Urban Overlay District are subject to requirements outlined in the Main Gate District (MGD) Ordinance 11394 - August 9, 2016(PDF, 2MB)

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Meeting Date/Agendas & Legal Action Report (LAR) Meeting
Agenda Materials (Applications/Presentations/Other)

1/13/2021 DRAFT Legal Action Report & Meeting Summary(PDF, 172KB)

1/13/2021 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 204KB)


2/12/2020 DRAFT Legal Action Report & Meeting Summary(PDF, 200KB)

MGD-20-02 (T20SA00343) - Hub V, 1001 N Park Av, Residential Group Dwelling Use

12/1/2020 Hub V Design Package(PDF, 9MB)

1/5/2021 Hub V Design Package - Revision #1(PDF, 11MB)

1/12/2021 Hub V Design Package - Revision # 2(PDF, 19MB)

Vacancies in Main Gate January 2021(PDF, 928KB)

11/12/2020 Hub V First Design Professional Review(PDF, 114KB)

1/7/2021 Hub V Second Design Professional Review(PDF, 113KB)

2/12/2020 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 140KB)

2/12/2020 LAR & Meeting Summary(PDF, 198KB)

MGD-19-01 Aspire 2- Major Design Modifications(PDF, 652KB)

MGD-19-01 Aspire 2 - PRESENTATION(PDF, 31MB)

MGD-19-01 Best Practices Letter(PDF, 671KB)

-- Massing Exhibit & Renderings(PDF, 10MB)

-- Eastbank at Burnside - Portland Redevelopment Plan(PDF, 9MB)

-- Transit Oriented Development(PDF, 3MB)

-- Private Realm Guidelines(PDF, 3MB)

12/16/2019 Agenda(PDF, 137KB)

12/16/2019 DRAFT LAR(PDF, 215KB)

MGD-19-02 The Hub IV - Major Design Modifications- APPLICATION(PDF, 10MB)


05_16_19 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 220KB)

05_16_19 Meeting Notice & Agenda (Revised)(PDF, 222KB)

MGD-19-01 Aspire Tucson 2 Presentation(PDF, 11MB)

MGD-19-02 The Hub IV Presentation(PDF, 45MB)

04_25_19 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 222KB)

MGD-19-01 Aspire Tucson 2 Presentation(PDF, 13MB)

MGD-19-02 Hub IV(PDF, 144MB)

DRC Legal Action Report and Meeting Summary 04-25-19(PDF, 248KB)

03_07_19 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 378KB)

MGD-19-01 Aspire Tucson 2(PDF, 10MB)

Renderings(PDF, 34MB)

Application(PDF, 24MB)

MGD-18-02 Graduate Hotel & The Collective Apartment - PLAZA DESIGN(PDF, 6MB)

Renderings(PDF, 8MB)

DRC Legal Action Report and Meeting Summary 03-07-19(PDF, 273KB)

02_06_19 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 379KB)

MGD-18-03 Revised Design Package 2/3/19(PDF, 6MB)

Hub IV design package DRC courtesy review(PDF, 5MB)

DRC Legal Action Report and Meeting Summary 02-06-19(PDF, 223KB)

12_18_18 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 100KB)

Marriott Residence Inn Design PackageRev 12-18-18(PDF, 6MB)

DRC Legal Action Report 12-18-18(PDF, 240KB)

11_29_18 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 213KB)

Marriott Residence Inn Design Package(PDF, 17MB)

DRC Legal Action Report 11-29-18(PDF, 226KB)

08_23_18 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 371KB)

Main Gate Hotel and Apartments Design Package(PDF, 7MB)

Main Gate Hotel and Apartments DRC Presentation(PDF, 24MB)

DRC Legal Action Report 08-23-18(PDF, 443KB)

05_10_18 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 375KB)

HUB III Design Package Revision Request(PDF, 11MB)

HUB III Design Package Revised(PDF, 11MB)

10_03_17 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 220KB)

DRC Legal Action Report 10-03-17(PDF, 230KB)

HUB III Updated Renderings(PDF, 4MB)

HUB III Design Package(PDF, 10MB)

09_14_17 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 88KB)

DRC Legal Action Report 08-23-17(PDF, 245KB)

MGD-16-02 Response to Staff comments(PDF, 13KB)

MGD-16-02 Aspire Student Housing Major Change(PDF, 73KB)

08_23_17 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 223KB)

HUB IIIDesign Package(PDF, 10MB)

HUB IIIBest PracticesLetter(PDF, 12MB)

10_17_16 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 224KB)

Hotel Euclid Revisions Package 2(PDF, 12MB)

Din-Cal MGO DRC Submission 10-17-16(PDF, 4MB)

8_31_16 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 88KB) 8_31_16 Meeting Audio

Design Package(PDF, 16MB)

Sterling Tucson DRC Presentation 8-31-16(PDF, 10MB)

DRC Legal Action Report 05-03-16(PDF, 45KB)
5_03_16 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 104KB) No Anchovies Historic Presentation 3-25-16(PDF, 16MB)
DRC Legal Action Report_8-13-15(PDF, 38KB)

8_13_15 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 85KB)

DRC Legal Action Report 7-15-15(PDF, 59KB)

Main Gate Hotel_Revised_Design Package_08-13-15(PDF, 5MB)

Main Gate Hotel_Project Narrative_08-13-15(PDF, 106KB)

Main Gate Hotel_Approval Letter_08-31-15(PDF, 3MB)

7_15_15 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 84KB)

DRC Legal Action Report 4-1-15(PDF, 26KB)

Main Gate Hotel_Design Package_6-22-15_1(PDF, 5MB)

Scope of Work_1(PDF, 66KB)

Application Form_1(PDF, 4MB)

4_1_15 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 85KB)


DRC Legal Action Report 1-13-15(PDF, 28KB)

876 E University Bl - Illegal Pete's(PDF, 12MB)

876 University_revised(PDF, 4MB)

876 University_Letter from SHPO(PDF, 42KB)

1-13-15_HUB_II_Final Approved Design Package(PDF, 15MB)

Hub II Supp2 DP Letter 012915(PDF, 243KB)

MGD-DRC_Illegal Petes_Approval Letter(PDF, 271KB)

MGD-DRC_Illegal Petes_DP Review of Construction Documents_8-18-15(PDF, 364KB)

1_13_15 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 91KB) 1_13_15 LAR(PDF, 60KB)

15-1-13_DRC Changes-Sub-2(PDF, 45MB)
DRC Legal Action Report - 12-15-14(PDF, 9KB)

12_15_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 91KB)

DRC Legal Action Report - 9-22-14(PDF, 14KB)
Cover Letter for DRC Presentation - 12-15-14(PDF, 104KB)
DRC Changes 1023 N. Tyndall - Hub II_1(PDF, 17MB)

9_22_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 90KB) DRC Legal Action Report - 8-21-14(PDF, 11KB)
Hotel Euclid Site Plans_9_22_14(PDF, 4MB)
8_21_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 97KB) DRC Legal Action Report - 7-31-14(PDF, 40KB)
7_31_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 97KB)

DRC Legal Action Report - 6-25-14(PDF, 16KB)
714 N. Euclid Transition Area(PDF, 13MB)
714 N. Euclid East Elevation(JPG, 76KB)
714 N. Euclid North Elevation(JPG, 74KB)
714 N. Euclid West Elevation(JPG, 107KB)
714 N. Euclid South Elevation(JPG, 74KB)
714 N. Euclid Lower Level Parking Plan(JPG, 88KB)
714 N. Euclid 1st Floor Plan(JPG, 152KB)
714 N. Euclid 2nd Floor Plan(JPG, 106KB)
714 N. Euclid 3rd & 4th Floor Plans(JPG, 115KB)
714 N. Euclid 5th & 6th Floor Plans(JPG, 99KB)

7_8_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda
Mtg(PDF, 125KB)
HUB Powerpoint - West & East Elevation(PDF, 3MB)
6_25_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 122KB)

Park Ave. Student Housing Presentation to DRC(PDF, 44MB)

Park AvenueNextStudent Housing_Memo to DRC(PDF, 834KB)
NextStudent Housing_5_27_Response(PDF, 42KB)
NextStudent Housing_Memo_5_6_14(PDF, 5MB)
NextStudent Housing_Park Drawings(PDF, 547KB)
NextStudent Housing_ParkAveElevations_DRCRevisions(PDF, 18MB)
NextStudent Housing_ParkAve_North Elevation(JPG, 117KB)
NextStudent Housing_East Entrance Elevation(JPG, 140KB)
NextStudent Housing_South Elevation_North Tower(JPG, 124KB)
NextStudent Housing_2a_DP_Land_Set(PDF, 6MB)
NextStudent Housing_2b_Shade Study(PDF, 851KB)
NextStudent Housing_2c_ROW Landscape Revisions(PDF, 26KB)

DRC Legal Action Report - 6_9_14(PDF, 16KB)
Policy_Processing of MGD Applications(PDF, 2MB)

6_9_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 125KB)

Hub - Powerpoint(PDF, 5MB)
Hub - Signage Package(PDF, 5MB)
Signage Proposal forHub(PDF, 113KB)

DRC Legal Action Report - 5_15_14(PDF, 12KB)
DRC Meeting Summary - 5_15_14(PDF, 26KB)

5_15_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 115KB)

DRC Package(PDF, 8MB)

Landscape Package(PDF, 2MB)

DRC - Design Professional Confirmation Ltr(PDF, 11KB)

Legal Action Report - 4_7_14(PDF, 11KB)

Meeting Summary - 4_7_14(PDF, 20KB)

4_7_14 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 124KB)

DRC HUB II - Meeting Summary(PDF, 21KB)
DRC - Design Professional Confirmation Ltr(PDF, 81KB)

3_12, 2014 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 123KB)

03_04_14 Letter(PDF, 839KB)
Hub at Tucson Phase I - Signage(PDF, 5MB)
Hub at Tucson II - Site Photo(PDF, 25MB)

11_14_12 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 76KB)
10_18_12 Meeting Notice & Agenda(PDF, 86KB)


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