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The El Paso and Southwestern Greenway will be a 6-mile long multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians. The pathway will extend along a corridor that was once used by the railroad, from north of downtown Tucson, through the City of South Tucson to the Kino Sports Complex. The new path will be car-free and will connect to other regional bikeways and to many of the neighborhoods that the path travels through.

In 2005, a preliminary concept plan for the Greenway was developed by the Drachman Institute at the University of Arizona. This document provided guidance for the master planning process that occurred from 2010 and 2011. Some of the objectives of the plan are to promote connectivity and recreation; coordinate with other active projects to ensure compatibility; reflect local/regional identity and character; celebrate local history; and serve as a catalyst for positive development.

The Greenway is documented in the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan, the City of Tucson General Plan, the Downtown Infrastructure Plan, the Regional Transportation Authority's transportation plan, the Eastern Pima County Trails Master Plan and the Parks, Open Space and Trails (PROST) plan and the Regional Bicycle Plan.

The project will be built in phases, segment by segment when funding allows. As of September 2021, three segments of the proejct have been constructed:

  1. Cushing St to 36th St just west of 6th Ave
  2. Along the south side of 36th St from Park Ave to South Kino Parkway
  3. The loop trail within the Kino Environmental Restoration Project

The remaining segements are in some stage of planning or design. Funding has been secured for all remaining segments through a combination of Federal grants, Pima County, and the Tucson Delivers Proposition 407 Strong Connections program.

For more information about the segment currently in design between South Kino Parkway and the Kino Environmetal Restoration Project, see the Proposition 407 project website.

Greenway Master Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Master Plan Document(PDF, 28MB)

Appendix(PDF, 25MB) (including Outreach Summaries, South Tucson Cafecito Report, Traffic Report, Structural Concept Memo, Bridges Memo, Cost Estimate, Development White Paper, Funding White Paper, Geotechnical Report)

El Paso / Greenway

El Paso / Greenway