Slow Down. Save Lives.

City of Tucson: Traffic Safety Campaign

Bus Shelter Ad

At the Department of Transportation and Mobility (DTM), we have made — and are continuing to make — thoughtful, data-driven adjustments to road design that improve the safety of everyone traveling in our streets. We’re reprogramming traffic signals, adding protected bike lanes, and connecting gaps in sidewalks. We’re accelerating the installation of push-button crossings at strategic locations on our major street network, adding new street lighting, and decreasing the cost for residents to install neighborhood traffic calming. Despite this progress, in 2020, 88 people died while traveling on Tucson streets.

Improving street design will not happen overnight. In the meantime, there are steps we can all take to make getting around our city safer and less stressful for everyone. Together as a city, we all have a role to play in helping prevent crashes and saving lives. What does this look like? Slowing down, turning off distractions, like our phones, making eye contact at crosswalks, and expecting people to cross at every corner.

How we are making streets safer:

Traffic safety campaign materials:

Bus Shelter and Bus Ads

Bumper Sticker: "Give Bikes 3 ft"

Give bikes 3 feet bumper sticker

SLOW DOWN Yard Signs

Yard Signs can be picked up at the Public Works building at 201 N. Stone Avenue 4th Floor North. 

Slow down yard sign