Barricading and Detours

Temporary Work Zone Traffic Management Program

The Program is intended to enhance the planning, application, and oversight of traffic control management in temporary work areas in roadways, sidewalks, and transit zones. As part of the program, a permit is required.

Mobile Storage Permitting

When a refuse collector or mobile storage unit is placed on City of Tucson rights-of-way, a City of Tucson Traffic Control Permit is required. City of Tucson right-of-way typically consists of the roadway, sidewalk easement (paved or unpaved) and alley (where access to alleyway is restricted).

Mobile Storage Permitting Requirement(PDF, 408KB)

Holiday Restrictions

Due to the ever-increasing traffic volume on many of the City's roads, it is necessary to restrict lane closures on certain roads during the holiday season. These restrictions will be in place from Thanksgiving to one day after New Years. Please see the Holiday Street Restrictions(PDF, 176KB) for a list of locations.