If You Get A Parking Ticket

You have thirty (30) calendar days from the day you are cited in which to a) plead responsible and pay your citation, or b) request a hearing from a judge at Tucson City Court.


If you choose to admit responsibility for the violation(s), sign your name as indicated on the back of the citation(s) and submit payment to Park Tucson, and Park Tucson will enter a plea of responsible.

Find your City Code violation(s) and amount due* on the front of the citation. Pay the fine indicated on the front of the citation within thirty (30) calendar days to Park Tucson by one of the payment methods below. Payments received after thirty (30) calendar days will not be accepted, and the delinquent citation will automatically be sent to Tucson City Court for further handling.


2. PAY BY MOBILE APP: Download the GoTucson Parking app for free. Sign in and click on the icon in the upper right, and then from the "My Account" screen, select "Resources", and then "Pay Your Citation Fine". Then enter your 7-digit citation number, vehicle license plate, and pay by credit or debit card.

3. PAY BY PHONE: Call (520) 791-5071 Monday through Friday 8:00am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5:00pm. If we are not able to answer the call, please leave a message when prompted, and we will call you back promptly to accept payment. Payments are accepted by credit/debit card only (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

4. PAY BY MAIL: Return your citation notice with payment. Do not send cash. Please include your 7-digit citation number on the check or money order, made payable to City of Tucson, and mail to the following address:

Park Tucson
P. O. Box 27210
Tucson, AZ 85726-7210

A service charge of $28.00 will be assessed for any returned check, in addition to any late fees or default fees assessed by Tucson City Court. If you choose this payment option, be sure to allow enough time for delivery of your payment through the postal system. Payments received by mail after the 30-day deadline will not be accepted and will be returned by mail to the sender.

5. PAY IN PERSON: The Park Tucson office reopened to the public on April 1, 2021. The hours of service are Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5:00pm. As we transition back to full staffing, Park Tucson closes daily from 12:30pm to 1:30pm for lunch. The City of Tucson requires that visitors to all City offices wear a mask, and we ask that you take your temperature as you enter the Park Tucson lobby.

6. PUT PAYMENT INTO DROP BOX: You may drop your payment (check or money order, NO CASH) into the drop box located outside the Park Tucson office at 110 E. Pennington Street, Suite 150. Please include your 7-digit citation number on the check or money order. A service charge of $28.00 will be assessed for any returned check in addition to any late fees or default fees assessed by Tucson City Court.


If you wish to contest your citation, you may request a hearing in front of a judge. All requests for hearings go through Tucson City Court. Hearing requests must be received within thirty (30) calendar days following issuance of citation.

If you wish to contest the charge(s) before a judge, print your name and address clearly in the space provided on the back of your citation and sign your name. A hearing will be scheduled and you will be notified by mail of the time and date of your hearing. Failure to appear at your hearing will result in a default judgment and may result in civil court action for failure to pay the fine(s) and fees assessed.

If you are found responsible for committing the violation at the hearing, additional fees** will be assessed. Both owner and operator are jointly and individually liable.

To allow sufficient time for your citation to be transmitted from Park Tucson to Tucson City Court, please do not contact Tucson City Court with inquiries regarding your requested hearing until at least fifty (50) calendar days following the issuance of the citation.


If you do not pay your fine or request a hearing by the deadline of thirty (30) calendar days following the citation, your citation becomes delinquent and is automatically sent to Tucson City Court for handling. Additional court fees and late fees totaling $106.60 will be assessed***, and added to the amount of the original fine.

Three or more outstanding citations may result in vehicle being immobilized or impounded (T.C.C. 20-203). Additional fees associated with immobilization and impoundment will be incurred. Past due accounts may be submitted to a collection agency.

For information on paying for delinquent citations and associated fees, contact Tucson City Court at (520) 791-4216 or visit their website at https://www.tucsonaz.gov/courts/tucson-city-court/.

Do not contact Tucson City Court regarding your delinquent payment until at least fifty (50) calendar days following the issuance of the citation.

*This amount includes applicable fines and State of Arizona surcharges and assessments (ARS 12-116.01, 02 & 16-954)

**Includes all of the above plus local Case Processing Fee ($20.00) and State-ordered surcharge ($16.60).

***Includes all of the above, plus City of Tucson Default Fee (TC8-6.7)($50.00) and State-ordered Time Payment Fee (ARS 12-116) ($20.00). The sum of these court fees, surcharges, and late fees is $106.60. This amount will be added to the original fine indicated on the front of the citation.

You can contact the Tucson City Court by phone Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm at (520) 791-4216. If you received a parking ticket from Park Tucson or the Tucson Police Department, the most important thing to do is decide whether you will take responsibility for the ticket or contest it. You have 45 days to either pay the ticket or request a hearing before additional fees are automatically added to the cost of the ticket. Fines can be paid by check or money order via mail, payable to City of Tucson, and addressed to:

Tucson City Court
P. O. Box 27210
Tucson, Arizona 85726-2710

Vehicle Immobilization of Citation "Scofflaws" Has Begun

Park Tucson has begun immobilizing vehicles belonging to individuals with three (3) or more unpaid parking citations, effective Monday, August 9. A Barnacle device will be installed on the front windshield, preventing the driver from seeing through the windshield, making driving impossible. The immobilization device will be promptly removed with notification from City Court that full payment of outstanding citation fines and fees, or partial payment with an approved payment plan, has been made. If you have three or more unpaid citations, please act quickly to contact Tucson City Court (520-791-4216) to address the outstanding fines and fees. Click here(PDF, 1MB) for the information brochure in English and here(PDF, 1MB) for the Spanish version.

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