If Your Vehicle Has Been Immobilized

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If your vehicle is immobilized, it means that there are three (3) or more unpaid parking citations on record for that vehicle. Owners of immobilized vehicles must arrange payment with Tucson City Court before the device will be removed.

  • A Barnacle device is installed on the front windshield, preventing the driver from seeing through the windshield, making driving impossible. 
  • Vehicles immobilized for 48 hours will be towed.

To have the Barnacle device removed from your vehicle call (520) 791-4216 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Park Tucson has the legal right to immobilize a vehicle that has three (3) or more outstanding parking violations. The immobilization device will be promptly removed with notification from Tucson City Court that full payment of outstanding citation fines and fees, or partial payment with an approved payment plan, has been made.

For more information about immobilization, how to retrieve your vehicle if it has been towed, and your options in court, please review the brochure(PDF, 1MB).

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