Permits & Codes : Excavation

In accordance with Chapter 25 of the City Code, Permits and Codes issues permits (Excavation Permits) for work performed in the City Right-of-Way (ROW). This includes issuing notices of violations and Citations for non-permitted work and for non-compliant work performed in the City ROW.

Frequently requested information

  • Sec. 25-1 Permits required. No public sidewalks shall be repaired or installed by any person without first having a written permit from the city.
  • Sec. 25-4 Public right-of-way improvement Permit fees(PDF, 10KB).
  • Sec. 25-5 Permit expiration. A permit shall expire for work not started within thirty (30) days or completed within sixty (60) days after issuance of a permit, and a new permit shall be required before beginning or completing the work. (Ord. No. 2657, § 1, 10-19-64)
  • Sec. 25-9 Construction standards. Sidewalks shall be constructed in accordance with details and specifications as established by the city engineer. PAG Standard Specifications and Details for Public Improvements
  • Sec. 25-12 Repair of sidewalk by abutting owners. Maintenance of the sidewalk area is the responsibility of the owner of the abutting property. Also noted in D.S. 3-01.2.7.G
  • Sec. 25-20 Conditions for obtaining permit. Submit a plan (Plot, Site or Paving) of subject property and adjacent properties showing existing curb cuts, driveways and their sizes. (Ord. No. 2657 & 1, 10-19-64) See Plot plan(PDF, 25KB).
  • Sec. 25-38 Special requirements in residential districts. Special requirements in Residential(PDF, 11KB) districts.
  • Sec. 25-44 Permit and fee curb cut replacements. A permit but no fee shall be required for curb cut replacements. (Ord. No. 2657, § 1, 10-19-64)

Any major streets or routes newly constructed or overlaid within the past five years are subject to the Pavement Cut Moratorium.

Roadside Memorials are not permitted but may stay in place in accordance to APWA 30.35.

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