Current Philosophy of Riparian Protection

The City of Tucson's General Plan presents a series of policies and recommendations for Tucson and, in some cases, all of eastern Pima County. It is in effect only within the corporate limits of the City of Tucson. The policies establish a basic direction and approach to guide the future growth and development of Tucson. The policies also provide guidance for the preparation of more detailed environmental, land use, and transportation proposals; the refinement of community facility and service plans; and the development or amendment of subregional, area, neighborhood, and other specific plans.

The policies presented in the Plan address environmental planning and conservation; cultural heritage; land use; circulation and bicycling; parks, recreation, open space, and trails; community character and design; safety; public buildings, services, and facilities; growth areas and population; cost of development; economic development; conservation, rehabilitation, and redevelopment; water resources; and housing.

The General Plan makes numerous riparian habitat preservation policy statements under 10 of the 14 components of the Plan.

The Interim Watercourse Preservation Policy(PDF, 22KB) provides a summary of current policy pending development of the consolidated riparian preservation code.