Speed Feedback Trailers

Speed Feedback Trailers

White speed feedback trailer placed on the side of the road

  • Benefits/data of having trailers placed:
    Encourages the traveling public to be aware of their speeds and slow down as needed

  • How long they are staged in a location:
    DTM keeps the trailers out for about two weeks at an individual location, with 2 on a given roadway - 1 per travel direction.  Sometimes they could be placed a little longer (staff availability to move them) or shorter (vandalism, maintenance needs)

  • How long the waitlist:
    Typically a few months

  • Are there requirements for them to be placed somewhere?  
    As the speed feedback signs are solar powered, they need to be positioned in a spot to receive sunlight.  There also has to be physical space available to safely place them.  We make sure they do not block residential areas/access points

If you would like to request a trailer to be placed in a specific location please contact DTM at TDOTConcerns@tucsonaz.gov or 520-791-3154