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Domestic Violence Victim Resources


As the listed victim in a domestic violence case, we encourage you to come to court. You are always welcome, and Judge Million would like to meet you.


You have constitutional rights.  You are able to communicate with the judge and the prosecutor about:

  • Conditions of Release- Any no contact or return orders that were imposed or can be imposed
  • Continuances- you have a right to ask for a speedy trial
  • Plea agreements and sentencing- You have a right to consult with the City Prosecutor about any plea agreement that is offered and speak to the Court at the time of sentencing.
  • If you would like to receive notices about upcoming hearings on a case in which you are the listed victim, please contact the City Prosecutor’s Office at (520)791-5483.

See your full list of victim constitutional rights here:  Article 2 Section 2.1 - Victims' bill of rights (

There are victim advocates from Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse present to talk to you in the courtroom.  They do not work for the Court or the City Prosecutors.

  • Confidentiality-Anything you tell an advocate remains confidential unless you want them to share it.
  • Your wishes are honored: The advocates won’t tell you what to do and will convey your wishes and opinions to the judge or you can do that yourself.
  • Advocates can go with you to any courtroom- If the case is moved out of DV Court, the advocate can still accompany you to other courtrooms.

Things to Know:      

  • Victims cannot dismiss DV charges
  • If a victim doesn’t want contact, the Court can order no contact and the victim  can stay in touch with the advocates and call the police if that order is violated.
  • If a victim wants contact to be allowed, they are encouraged to speak to the advocate so they can assist with making that request.

What is important to the Judge is that you have talked to an Emerge advocate, and you know you have options. 


Useful Links:

Article 2 Section 2.1 - Victims' bill of rights (

Prosecutor's Office City of Tucson (


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Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse

Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse is the largest provider of comprehensive domestic abuse services and programs in Southern Arizona, and is committed to improving and expanding services to all members of our community who are experiencing domestic abuse in their lives regardless of age, income, ethnicity, gender, sex, sexual orientation, sexual expression, ability, religion, national origin, or immigration status. Emerge strives to support community members in creating, sustaining, and celebrating a life free from abuse. Emerge is unapologetically committed to being an equity centered, anti-racist organization and works to address systemic inequities in our community’s collective response to intimate partner violence, including within the criminal legal system.

In collaboration with Tucson City Court, Emerge delivers confidential, trauma informed services via court advocates. Emerge court advocates serve survivors of domestic violence who intersect with the criminal justice system, helping them navigate the system, offering information and understanding about survivor's rights and options, providing emotional support and advocacy, accompanying survivors to various court proceedings, and assisting with orders of protection and individualized safety plans. Additionally, court advocates explore the complex needs of individual survivors and link them to community resources such as housing, counseling, legal assistance, and much more. The goal of this partnership with City Court is to support survivors in sharing their experiences, seeking justice and safety, and promoting victim-centered offender accountability and opportunities for repair.

If you need to speak directly to a City Court Advocate, they can be reached at 520-837-3012, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

If you have questions and would like to access Emerge's services, please call the Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 520-795-4266 OR 1-888-428-0101. Or, call Emerge’s community-based services site at 520-881-7201, Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.