Make a Court Payment

If you do not pay your fine on your court date, the court may:

  • Impose late fees (Arizona law requires a $20.00 Time Payment Fee if the fine/sanction is not paid in full by your appearance date or on your sentencing date. Other late fees may be imposed in accordance with local ordinance such as a $50 default fee).
  • Suspend your driving privileges and that information is made available to your auto insurance company, which may cause your rates to increase.
  • Issue a warrant for your arrest and your warrant will go into the regional law enforcement warrant system.
  • Notify a credit bureau about your bad debt and place your future credit at risk.
  • Seize your wages, tax refunds, bank accounts or personal property such as your car if nonexempt.
  • Notify a collection agency who will take action, on behalf of the court, to collect unpaid fines/fees.

Acceptable forms of payment.pdf(PDF, 140KB)

Make a payment

F.A.R.E. Program


Bond Card/Programa de Fianzas(PDF, 480KB)