Investigation and remediation of PFAS will move forward says DoD

Published on February 07, 2024

Tucson, AZ.—As a result of continued advocacy by Mayor Romero, Tucson Water and Arizona’s Congressional Delegation, the Department of Defense (DoD) has announced that both Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Morris Air National Guard facilities can move forward with expedited investigations and remediation of PFAS issues. The two facilities are part of a list of 30 sites across the U.S. that qualify for interim investigations and remediation plans because of their critical nature.

“We are all too aware of the painful history of water contamination on generations of Tucsonans,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “For years, PFAS compounds have impacted the lives of our residents because of activities at Davis-Monthan and Morris Air National Guard.I am happy to see that the Department of Defense is taking this important step to ensure our water resources are safe and clean. This is what we expect of them,” added the Mayor. “I want to thank members of Arizona’s Congressional delegation who have continued to prioritize Tucson in their efforts to address the impacts of PFAS on our residents,” said Romero. Tucson is unique in our water challenges, our aquifer is our lifeline,” said Tucson Water Director John Kmiec. “It has been designated as a sole source drinking water system by the EPA in the past. Whatever activities to deal with PFAS migration and remediation come to be, we need the Department of Defense to acknowledge that Tucson's aquifer is our community's drinking water supply,” added Kmiec. “We expect all cleanup efforts to restore the affected parts of the aquifer for drinking water purposes for future Tucsonans.” The announcement by the DOD is significant because this action speeds up the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) process that can typically take many years to implement.

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