City Council Approves New Retirement Incentive

The Mayor and Tucson City Council yesterday approved a plan by City Manager Michael Ortega to offer a health insurance incentive for City of Tucson employees eligible to retire. The latest plan offers a varying one-time payout (based on number of dependents) to those who permanently opt out of City-provided insurance. Those who take advantage of the offer can spend the taxable money on insurance premiums for other plans they choose.

Download App to Track Streetcar

If you'd like to track the streetcar and you have a smartphone, you're in luck. The Tucson Streetcar Tracker, developed by Dallan Porter at the University of Arizona, is useful if you want to figure out how long it will take for the streetcar to show up at the stop where you're waiting.

Study: Tucson Allows Stressed Parents to Find Work/Life Balance

Tucson is among the top four cities where parents have the opportunity to balance their work and personal lives, according to a new study from MarketWatch.

Factors taken into consideration included affordable housing in good school districts, low unemployment rates, weather, arts and culture, entertainment, parks, childcare costs, and more.