100-Acre Wood Bike Park

2801 S. Alvernon Way • Tucson AZ 85707

Metro Park • Bike Park • 99.5 acres • Ward 4 and 5

Park Hours: Sunrise-Sunset

The 100-Acre Wood Bike Park is a collaboration among the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB), the City of Tucson, and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

There is no parking onsite.  Do not park on Golf Links Road or Alvernon Way.  Off-site parking options include the Veteran's Memorial Plaza to the west or the Todd M. Harris Sports Complex and Freedom Park to the east with access to the 100-Acre site via the Aviation Greenway.

For more information about the facility, please visit the SDMB 100-Acre Wood Bike Park site: https://sonorandesertmountainbicyclists.wildapricot.org/100-acre-wood

Park Master Plan