Greasewood Park

1075 N. Greasewood Road • Tucson AZ 85745

Park Hours: 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

Park Amenities Park Map (PDF)

Greasewood Park is unique to Tucson because it is the first natural resource park set aside by the City of Tucson.  This site was chosen because of its diversity of Sonoran Desert vegetation and animal life.

The park's 152 acres has two distinct "Lifezones" and their unique groups of plants: the Palo Verde-Saguaro upland community and the Sonoran Desert Riparian community.  The nature trail traverses both the upland and riparian communities.

In addition to the preservation of natural desert vegetation in the Tucson area, Greaswood Park is also dedicated to nature-oriented recreation through orienteering.  The orienteering course consists of 39 permanent markers/check points which accommodates beginning, intermediate, and advanced orienteers.

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