Joaquin Murrieta Park

1400 N. Silvebell Road • Tucson AZ 85745

Park Hours: 6:00 a.m.-10:30 p.m.

Park Amenities Park Map (PDF)
Harry's Field Line Map (PDF)
Silvercroft Unity Garden Sports Map (PDF)

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Harry's Field

Harry Hoskinson was a seventh grad student at Mansfield Middle School.  He also was a member of the Western Little League baseball family and played catcher on Joaquin Murrieta Park fields for five years until he died tragically at age 13.  Field #7 was renamed "Harry's Field" in his memory. 

Western Little League has worked tirelessly with elected officials, other community partners, and Tucson Parks and Recreation to advocate for funding to improve Joaquin Murrieta Park and to raise private funds to improve its sports fields.

Silvercroft Unity Garden

The Silvercroft Neighborhood Association, Tucson Department of Transportation, Southwest Conservation Corps, and Pro Neighborhoods worked for two years to beautify the northeast, undeveloped corner of Joaquin Murrieta Park.  Their efforts were intended to build community amongst neighborhood residents and nearby organizations and to create a space that facilitates healing and unity among all who use the park.