Randolph Park

250 S. Alvernon Way • Tucson AZ 85716

Regional Park • 293.4 acres • Ward 6

Park Hours: 6 a.m.-10:30 p.m.

Amenities Randolph Recreation Center Tucson Delivers Projects
Park Rx Reffkin Tennis Center  
Epes Randolph Randolph Dell Urich Golf Course  
  Randolph North Golf Course  


Arroyo Chico Greenway: David Bell Multi-Use Path (2.8 mi)(PDF) Picnic Tables No Ramadas
Handball Courts Drinking Fountains No Restrooms
Skate Park Benches  
  Bike Racks  

Park Rx

Park Rx is a public health initiative that promotes healthy communities.  Park Rx provides a unique patient-provider relationship where providers prescribe nature as a means to develop an exercise routine and use their neighborhood parks to do fun physical activities.

Park Rx map for Randolph Park (Arroyo Chico Greenway)
Park Rx Program page



Epes Randolph

Epes Randolph (1856-1921) was a Tucson pioneer, civil engineer, and president of several railroads.  Later in life he was vice-president of Tucson's Consolidated National Bank and was a chancellor of the University of Arizona Board of Regents.