Procurement FAQ


How do I do business with the City?

Visit to register as a vendor in the City’s online procurement system.  Be sure to follow the City of Tucson to receive notifications of bid opportunities based on your selection of NIGP codes.

The City issues competitive solicitations or piggybacks off an agencies cooperative contract to acquire its goods and services.    

What is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Programs?


    DBE Program:

  • The DBE program was implemented to remedy past and current discrimination in contracting and procurement opportunities for disadvantaged businesses. It serves to create equal opportunity for those DBE firms doing business with the City of Tucson on projects receiving federal financial assistance. 

    SBE Program:

  • The SBE Program is a certification program that offers incentives to small businesses in the Tucson Metropolitan Area interested in doing business with the City of Tucson on contracts administered by the City's Business Services Department, which may include, bid preferences and subcontracting goals for construction, professional services, and goods and services. The SBE Program is a race and gender-neutral program in that, SBE applicants may be representative of all ethnic and gender groups. 

Do I qualify for DBE &/or SBE?

It is possible to qualify and apply for both the DBE & SBE program. To see if you qualify for either or both, please review the program criteria and how to apply at the following links: 

City of Tucson DBE Program

For questions related to these programs, please contact: or call (520) 837-4000 


Does the City provide support for small businesses?

The City of Tucson does offer business support through our Small Business Navigator Program. Please contact the navigator team here: 

Contact via Email:  

Small Business Assistance Line: (520) 837-4100 
Small Business Support - Connect Tucson 


My contract is currently being monitored in the City’s compliance system. How do I complete my monthly payment audits?

Please see instructions for completing payment audits for both prime and subcontractors here: Subcontractor Registration Brochure.pdf(PDF, 252KB)  

You may also contact or call (520) 837-4000 for further questions. 


How/where do I submit my invoices for payment? I have outstanding invoices; how do I get them paid?

If you have invoices that are ready for payment and/or outstanding unpaid invoices, please reach out via email to the individual/department who requested the products and services that were provided and include a copy of the unpaid invoice(s).
You may also include the accompanying accounts team, based on the department you’re looking for.  

For Business Services:  

For Environmental and General Services:  


What is Workday? How do I get registered in Workday?

Workday is the financial platform for the City of Tucson.  Registration in Workday is limited to suppliers that the City is currently working with and is ready to send payment to. 
If you believe you need to register for Workday, reach out to 

For suppliers who are already registered and require user access to view remittance information in the Workday system, reach out with your request for user access to or call (520) 791-4031. 


Where/How do I apply for a business license? I paid for my business license but have yet to receive it.

Please use the following info for business license assistance:  

Contact Via Email:  

Business License Customer Service Line: 520-791-4566