Isaiah Norris Hired as HCV Administrator at City of Tucson

Published on October 16, 2023

Isaiah Norris has been hired as the Housing Choice Voucher Administrator for the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Isaiah comes with a background in private and public sector work in public housing, community development, program management, and operations. He is the founder and owner of a small consulting business focused on housing operations, contracts, small businesses, and operation guidance to public housing authorities. He has extensive experience with federal Housing and Urban Development regulations and has provided operation support to troubled landlords and has experience as a housing inspector. In addition, he worked at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix in various capacities.

HCD Interim Director Ann Chanecka said that the addition of Isaiah Norris to the HCD staff will bolster the department’s efforts to continue providing quality service and attention to the Tucson community.

“Isaiah comes to us with proven management and leadership skills that will move the Housing Choice Voucher program forward. We are confident that Isaiah will help HCD in significant ways,” said Ann.

His responsibilities will include a variety of functions, including managing Housing Choice Vouchers supervisors, housing specialists, inspectors, and landlord support. He is also responsible for the submission of reports to Housing and Urban Development as well as reports to HCD’s community partners.

“I'm truly excited for the opportunity to work alongside everyone in HCD. I plan to bring all my public and private housing experience to the department but I'm most eager to learn from all my staff and colleagues,” said Isaiah. “I do not expect to know it all, but I'm excited to learn from everyone around me. Above all, I'm hoping to bring a very uplifting, energetic, fun, and focused energy and mindset to my HCV staff. I'm truly grateful and thankful.”

About the Department of Housing and Community Development

The City of Tucson’s Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) serves as the local Public Housing Authority (PHA) and provides direct housing assistance to thousands of Tucsonans. This includes 1,505 Public Housing units owned and operated by HCD, over 5,500 Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) administered to residents renting from private landlords, and 451 additional units of below market affordable housing. For more information or to contact the HCD, visit