Operations Division Midtown

Sector map of TPD Operations Division Midtown

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Patrick K. Hardesty Midtown Multi-Service Center
1100 S Alvernon Way
Tucson, AZ 85711-5304
520-791-4253 / 520-791-4806
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Lobby Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)

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Police Services

The City of Tucson is divided into four patrol divisions and a downtown district. Each division is divided into sectors, designated by the numbers on the map. When contacting a patrol division about a concern in your neighborhood or place of business, referring to the sector number may speed your inquiry.

Latest News

Focus on Repeat Call Generator

TPD Operations Division Midtown (ODM) Criminal Intelligence Officer Michelle Scarbrough brought to the attention of ODM Neighborhood Crimes Sergeant Frie that a male individual had become a repeat call generator within the boundaries of Operations Division Midtown. Most of the offenses were low-level criminal incidents that resulted in cite and release misdemeanor arrests, but together, they created quality of life issues for families and businesses alike.

After reviewing the material, Sergeant Frie advised patrol that the individual had become a drain on division resources and was a particular nuisance around the intersection of Speedway and Alvernon. He instructed that the individual was to be arrested full custody for any criminal offenses, and area restrictions were to be requested at pre-trial services.

Patrol wound up arresting the male individual for two shoplifting incidents. The dollar value for the shoplifting cases was low, but due to his prior convictions, he was arrested for felony shoplifting in both incidents.

ODM Detective Shore presented the cases to the Pima County Attorney's Office and both were issued as felonies. Although it is expected that the penalty for these offenses, if convicted, would be probation, this will be a strong tool if this individual continues to be arrested for quality of life offenses.

While this individual has been in custody at the Pima County Jail on a $2,500 bond, calls for service in the area have declined, allowing officers to move on to more pressing matters.

Quality of life issues are important to TPD and ODM. We understand the impact that these types of offenses have on the community, as well as the demands they place on our limited resources.

Member Highlight

Department photo of a TPD officer in uniform in front of an American flag. ODM would like to acknowledge the work of Officer Adam Buckner, ODM's Officer of the Month.

Officer Buckner started his law enforcement career with the New Orleans Police Department in 2017, as an officer and then a detective. In 2021, he joined the Tucson Police Department and quickly applied his prior knowledge and skills to his daily duties.

Officer Buckner prides himself on doing his best on every call he responds to. He does not cut corners, but rather exhausts investigative leads when able to do so.

Recently, he demonstrated this when responding to a domestic violence aggravated assault call, where the suspect had strangled and then threatened to kill the victim with a gun. As officers were responding to the scene, Officer Buckner noticed a person matching the description walking in the vicinity of the incident location. When Officer Buckner went to contact the subject, he fled the area, but with the assistance of the K9 unit, he and the other officers were able to locate and arrest the subject, who was hiding in the home of a person unknown to him.

Another example of Officer Buckner's leadership and commitment to excellence occurred when he responded to a check welfare call that turned out to be a homicide of a teenage girl. Officer Buckner identified a blood trail and noted that statements given by the parties involved did not add up. Officer Buckner took incident command of this scene, coordinated responding units, and ultimately assisted in identifying the homicide suspect.

Officer Buckner is respected by his peers, takes pride in working hard, and is always there to help when needed.

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Division Info

Operations Division Midtown (ODM), sometimes referred to as “Team 3,” encompasses approximately 44 square miles. The geographical boundaries of the division are River Road to the north, Craycroft Road to the east, Aviation Highway/Golf Links Road to the south and Campbell Avenue to the west. Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and the University of Arizona also lie within the division. The ODM substation is located at the Patrick K. Hardesty Midtown Multi-Service Center, 1100 S Alvernon Way.

Operations Division Midtown is one of four divisions in the Patrol Services Bureau of the Tucson Police Department. The division’s command staff consists of a captain and two lieutenants. Most officers working in the division are assigned to one of 10 patrol squads, each supervised by a sergeant. ODM members provide 24-hour police service to all who live, work, or just pass through our division.

In addition to patrol squads, ODM has a Community Response Team (CRT). The CRT’s main responsibility is to proactively address crime problems specific to Midtown Division neighborhoods.

Also housed in the substation is the Neighborhood Crimes Section, comprised of a sergeant and a squad of detectives. They investigate a variety of crimes committed within the division’s boundaries. In addition to case follow-up and criminal arrests, detectives offer on-site assistance and expertise to patrol officers.

Operations Division Midtown is unique in that its boundaries fall within five of the six City Council Wards. Parts of Wards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are interspersed throughout the division. The division is also home to the city's only Level I trauma center, Banner University Medical Center.

Neighborhood Info

Operations Division Midtown (ODM) is comprised of many diverse neighborhoods. Fifty-four of these neighborhoods have formed Neighborhood Associations that are registered with the City's Housing and Community Development Department.

ODM community members can request information and assistance with Crime Free Multi-Housing and other crime prevention programs by contacting Community Service Officer (CSO) Ramon Silvas at 520-837-7428. The division's many CSOs actively work to resolve quality of life issues and assist patrol officers by taking some of the lower priority (non-life-threatening) calls for service.

In addition to their regular duties, ODM lead police officers (LPOs) act as liaisons with division Neighborhood Associations and schedule the attendance of ODM personnel at Neighborhood Association meetings or functions. A community resource sergeant, a community resource officer, and a criminal intelligence officer are also on staff to serve as community liaisons. Their focus is to work on issues that will improve the quality of life for the community we serve.

Contact Info

Emergency: 911

Police Non-Emergency: 520-791-4444
Tucson Police

520-88-CRIME (882-7463)

TPD Human Resources/Recruiting

520-791-COPS (2677) Fax 520-791-5604

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