The Camino Miramonte - Palo Verde Bicycle Boulevard Public Event

Published on March 19, 2024

The Camino Miramonte - Palo Verde Bicycle Boulevard is a Bicycle Safety and Mobility Project that aims to create a network of safer and more comfortable bicycle routes. The City of Tucson Department of Transportation & Mobility (DTM) is currently conducting an alternatives analysis to explore the feasibility of other north/south parallel routes for this project, between Country Club Road and Alvernon Way.

Join the Department of Transportation and Mobility at the event below to learn more about the alternatives analysis, including the public unveiling of the draft staff recommendation for the preferred alternative.

Pop-Up Café in the Park:

Saturday, March 23, 2024 | 10 a.m. – noon Reid Park Ramada #2 | 900 S Randolph Way (near the playground) FREE coffee and breakfast burritos + FREE bike repair

Tucson Parks and Recreation representatives will be there to present material for the Reid Park interactive water feature coming soon. This plan has come together as a result of the community engagement efforts over the last few years.

Bicycle Boulevard projects include:

• 20mph speed limits to improve safety for everyone who uses the street. • Curb extensions with landscaping for traffic calming, shade, and cooling. • Islands with landscaping for traffic calming along segments and beautification. • Pavement markings for wayfinding, and to alert people driving of the possible presence of bicyclists. • Push-button crossings to help people walking and biking cross busy streets. • Speed humps to reduce vehicle speeds and discourage cut-through traffic. • Traffic circles for traffic calming at intersections and beautification. • Traffic redirection for cars and trucks to reduce cut-through traffic along neighborhood streets. • Wayfinding signage to guide cyclists.


For more detailed information on this project, please visit the project website:

In November 2018, City of Tucson voters approved Proposition 407 Tucson Delivers Parks and Connections, a bond package to fund improvements to parks and construction of new bicycle and pedestrian routes. Over 50 connectivity projects will be built as part of a planned citywide network to improve connections to schools, parks, libraries, stores, and other destinations. For more information on the Tucson Delivers Strong Connections initiative visit: