Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?

A. The Special Services Office is located at 35 W. Alameda, just west of Stone.

Q. What is the cost to get an ID Card?

A. $2.00 for each card.

Q. Can I register my family without them being present?

A. No, because our ID's require that a photo be taken by our staff.

Q. To get the Low Income ID's what do I need to bring?

A. You need to bring proof of household (all Adults in the home) income (i.e., paycheck stubs, OES letters, SS Award letter)

Q. What is the income needed for Low Income Bus Pass & Sun Van Vouchers?

A. See the table here: Special Services

Q. What does ADA (or "ADA paratransit") mean?

A. "ADA" stands for the Americans with Disabilities act, a law prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities in the areas of employment, public accommodations, and public services such as transportation. The ADA considers regular city bus service (Sun Tran) to be "the primary mode of public transportation for everyone". For this reason, all cities with regular city bus service must make that service "accessible" to (usable by) individuals with disabilities and provide a comparable, origin to destination, or "paratransit" service, for those who are unable to use the regular city bus service due to a disability. In Tucson, Sun Van is that "ADA Paratransit" service. Pima County provides a similar service called "Pima Transit / Handi-Car".

Q. How does one qualify for this service?

A. Simply having a particular medical condition or a diagnosis of "disability" does not automatically make someone eligible for this service. To qualify for ADA Paratransit service one must have a disability that limits his or her use of regular city bus service (SunTran). The first step in the process is to fill-out an application. The ADA application will ask questions about your disability and how it affects your ability to use SunTran buses. You may complete the application yourself or have someone else help you with it. The information you provide in the application will help us determine whether you are eligible for "ADA paratransit service" based on the criteria outlined in the ADA law.

Q. What is the ADA eligibility criteria? What qualifies as a disability?

A. The ADA law says we need to consider your "functional ability" to use regular city bus service independently. You may be eligible for ADA paratransit service if you are unable to do any of the following due to a disability:

  1. If you are unable to get to and from bus stops independently.
  2. If you are unable to get on and off the bus (if you need more assistance than the bus driver can provide).
  3. If you are unable to "navigate" the transit system (or learn how to get around on the bus independently).

Eligibility is NOT based on:

  • Your age (being "too old" or "too young" to ride Sun Tran independently).
  • Your income or financial need.
  • Having no car or being unable to drive.
  • Not being able to carry your books, groceries, children or other items on SunTran.
  • Your particular medical diagnosis or name of your disability (merely having a diagnosis of "disability").
  • Having no bus service where you live (living in an area where city bus service is simply not available).
  • The reason for, or importance of, your trip (the ADA prohibits restrictions or priorities based on "trip purpose").
  • Inconvenient bus schedules (if Sun Tran doesn't run late enough or late enough for your needs or if you feel it takes "too long" to get there on SunTran).

Q. What if I can use SunTran for some trips but not others?

A. Even if you do ride SunTran buses, you may still be ADA eligible for some trips on ADA paratransit. The use of ADA Paratransit is limited to those trips a person cannot make on SunTran due to their disability. Some people have the ability to use Sun Tran for certain trips, or in certain circumstances, but not others. For this reason some people may have "conditions" placed on their ADA Paratransit eligibility, being eligible for ADA Paratransit only when those specific conditions exist.

Q. Why must I fill-out an application? Can't they tell me over the phone whether I'm eligible?

A. Individuals with the same diagnosis or "disability" can have very different "functional abilities". For this reason, it would not be fair to suggest that you may or may not be eligible until we have had an opportunity to learn all about you and make a decision based on your own unique circumstances.

Q. Do I need a letter from my doctor or social worker? Do they need to sign the application?

A. No. While you may include any additional information you wish with your application, it is not "required". Just put their name down on the last page of the application so we can contact them for information if needed.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. It can take from about 2 to 21 days to process your application. We try to process all applications as quickly as possible, but how long it takes to process your application will depend on many factors such as the complexity of your situation and what type of information we may need to get from your doctor, etc.

Q. How does the service work?


Type of service

Sun Van / Handi-Car is a "shared-ride" public transportation system, not a private taxi service. There may be other people on the van with you and the driver may stop to pick-up and drop-off other people on the way to your destination.


Rides must be requested from one to seven days in advance.


A trip on ADA Paratransit costs two dollars each way. Trips are paid for with tickets or "vouchers" which are purchased in books of ten.

For what can it be used

ADA Paratransit can be used to go anywhere within the service area for any purpose. There are no priorities or restrictions based on trip purpose.

Where does it go

The Sun Van service area is anywhere within the City limits plus 3/4 mile around any Sun Tran routes that go out into the County. Pima Transit (which serves individuals who live outside the City limits) goes a bit further out.

Q. How can I get an application?

A. You can request an application be sent to you by calling the ADA Eligibility office at (520) 791-5409 or you can pick one up at our new downtown office, 35 W. Alameda, just west of Stone.

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