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Pima County Smartscape Program


The Pima County Smartscape Program promotes best management practices based on xeriscape principles for creating and maintaining healthy, water-efficient landscapes.

This approach improves irrigation efficiency in the residential, multifamily, commercial, and industrial water-user classes, which creates savings in water, maintenance, energy, and dollars.

Tucson Water, in partnership with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service, sponsors the program. The affiliation, begun in 1989, focuses on landscape water conservation and education in the Tucson Active Management Area.

To register, contact the Pima County SmartScape Program office at 520-626-5161 or click on the links below. Classes are free of charge.

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Arizona Project Wet


Arizona Project Wet provides several programs to elementary through middle schools throughout Tucson. They also host water education field days and training workshops for teachers. Since 2006, with Tucson Water’s collaboration and support, APW has engaged over 6,000 teachers, over 300,000 students, and over 30,000 adults in STEM-based water education in the Tucson Water service area.


Environmental Education Exchange


The Environmental Education Exchange has developed four classroom programs for all grade levels. Water Smart Kids is a three-part water education program for 1st-3rd grade students, focusing on the water cycle, water supply, and water conservation in the Tucson Basin. Our Water, Our Future is a three-part water education program for 4th and 5th grade students, addressing nature’s and urban water cycles, Tucson’s water supply, water use, and water conservation. Watching Our Water is a three-part water education program for 6th-8th grade students about the intricacies of Tucson’s unique water situation, focusing on water sources, the urban water cycle, water use, and water conservation. Student Stories of Climate Change is a new, two-day classroom educational program provides 8th-12th graders with an overview of the science behind climate change and how it is impacting our community, especially our water resources.

Since the partnership began, EEE has engaged over 226,000 students in Tucson Water-sponsored water education programs throughout the service area.





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