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In August 2021, we distributed a short online poll via our digital and paper Water Matters newsletters. Poll respondents were asked to identify, from two lists, which water conservation methods they used inside and outside the home, and to share any tips they had. You can view a summary of poll results here(PDF, 695KB).

Qoutes from customers

Ranging from buckets in the shower to collect water for reuse elsewhere, to sophisticated rainwater harvesting techniques, Tucson Water customers are committed to saving water and get creative in their methods. Here are a few more of your tips:

  • After my son's bath I use the bathwater to clean the bathtub -just add some cleaner and use a sponge to go over the surfaces. - Dawn N.
  • Although I have a drip irrigation system, I rarely use it preferring only to manually water plants that absolutely need it. I’ve discovered drip irrigation can disconnect you from actual irrigation needs resulting in waste, but is helpful when on vacation. - Hans H.
  • I use my saltless water softner recharge water to water fruit trees. - Guy S.
  • When it rains I fill old plastic gallon milk jugs with rain water and then use it to water my plants. - Craig P.
  • We use the charts on the monthly utility bill to compare this month's usage to this month last year. Changes are big red flags that we have a leak or need to check the irrigation timer or pool auto-fill. We ignored the charts in the past and learned what a handy tool those were the hard way, especially if you have auto-deduct and rarely look at your monthly bill. We had several months of increasing bills but missed the red flag waving. - Eileen

Thank you to all of you who shared your tips!

In December 2020, we asked customers to take a flash poll about water quality topics. Click here(PDF, 141KB) to see the results.

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