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  • January – Celebrating 124 Years, Tips to Prevent Freezing Pipes, New  Home Water Works Calculator
  • February –Storm to Shade Features Come to Iron Horse Park, Ways to Save When Doing Dishes, Rebates and Incentives
  • March–Discovering the Clearwater Renewable Resource Facility, Find a Toilet Leak Contest, Help for Low-Income Customers
  • April–Reclaimed Water System at 40, Invasive Plant Species, National Garden Month, 311 App



  • January – Maximizing Colorado River Water, One Water Survey, Resolve to Find and Fix Leaks
  • February – The Powerful Role of Reclaimed Water, Sustainable Landscape Expo
  • March – New Water-Saving Policies and Actions, Non-functional Turf Video, Save up to 10,000 Gallons a Year
  • April – Sweetwater Photo Contest Winners, Water Use it Wisely Tips to Save Water, Mayors Conservation Challenge
  • May – Cultivating State and Federal Connections to Benefit Tucson, Eliminating Your Pool
  • June – 5 Key Takeaways from the 2022 Water Quality Report, Conservation Adds Up!
  • July – Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Program Expands, Free Outdoor Conservation Kit for Smart Irrigation Month, Review the One Water Plan
  • August - Tucson Signs Historic Conservation Agreement to Help Save Lead, Conservation Programs Reach K-12 Students & Teachers
  • September - Building on Our Water-Saving Legacy, Reporting Water Waste is Easy
  • October - Tucson Continues Its Strong Tier 2 Measures for 2024, Prep for Summer 2024: Plant a Tree in October
  • November - In the Desert, Where There is Water, There is Life!, One Water 2100 Approved, Prep Your Irrigation System for Fall
  • December - Leaving Water in Lake Mead Drives Federal Dollars to Invest in Sustainability Projects, Thank you Zanjeros!, Setting Up Paperless Billing


  • January - Our Future: Conservation is Critical, Environmental Education Exchange, Conservation Tips
  • February - Saving Water: Inside a Tucson Love Story, Sweetwater Wetlands Invasive Species, Gray Water Tips
  • March - How We Choose Capital Projects, Tucson Water Partner Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Ways to Celebrate Water
  • April - Leak Prevention Technology, What is Lost Water, Vouchers to Reduce Air Pollution
  • May - Central Tucson PFAS Project, Tucson Water's New Playlist, Plan to Harvest Monsoon Rains
  • June - Managing New Connections, Dia de San Juan Event, What Causes High Bills, Tucson Connected
  • July - 20+ Years of Delivering High Quality Water, New Advisories for PFAS, Rebate Updates
  • August - Help Our Water Furture, Dia de San Juan Celebration, Water Use Comparison Tool
  • September - Putting Stormwater to Work, Storm to Shade In Action, Win a Smart Irrigation Controller
  • October - Cost Control Critical to Our Water Future, What Your Water Bill Pays For, Soil Prep and Planting for Fall
  • November - What Makes Tucson a Unique Conservation Leader, Responsible Desert Dweller Guide, Tips to Chill Your Water Bill
  • December - 3 Free Outdoor Destination Where You Play – and We Work, Free Conservation Kits





  • January - Plunging into 2021 Together, Commercial Audit Program Video, Poll Results
  • February - Taking Action Against PFAS, Home Water Consumption, New Glass Recycling Program
  • March - Securing Water for Our Future, Managing CAP Water, Conservation Tips
  • April - Tips, Links, and Videos for a Water-Smart Landscape, Mayors' Water Challenge
  • May - Transforming the Reclaimed Water System, Introducing Artist Alex Jimenez, Celebrating Colorado River Water
  • June - Where Your Dollar Goes, Water Quality Reports, Learn About Proposed Differential Rates
  • July - Seven Tools to Celebrate Smart Irrigation Month, Meet Tucson Water Partner Smartscape, Tucson Wins Conservation Challenge
  • August - Tucson Water is Prepared for the Future, New Solar Installation, Tips to Maintain Your Evaporative Cooler, Chubasco Channel
  • September - Customes' Water-Saving Tips, How to Check Your Pool for Leaks, Keeping Weeds Under Control, Arizona Project WET
  • October - Tips for Planting and Caring for Trees, Links to Go Green and Save Green
  • November - Next-Gen Master Control System, Meet Tucson Water Partner CHRPA, Use Your Water Meter to Prevent Waste
  • December - Take Care and Ease into 2022 with These Tips, Tucson Water's First Playlist, Renaming of SHARP


  • July - Premiere edition! New Billing System, Summer Irrigation Tips, Home Gray Water Pilot, Annual Water Quality Report
  • August - Rainwater Harvesting, Gila Topminnow, New Way of Working
  • September - Sweetwater Wetlands, Monthly Watering Reminders, Tucson-Marana Wheeling Agreement, New Way of Working
  • October - Infrastructure, Flushing Hydrants, New Way of Working
  • November - Southeast Houghton Area Recharge Project (SHARP), Talent on Tap
  • December - Water Quality, Flash Poll, Protect Your Plumbing from the Cold

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