Coronado Heights Neighborhood Profile

Coronado Heights by Marlene Avelino 


Coronado Heights is bound by Fort Lowell Rd. to the north, Stone Ave. to the east, Glenn St. to the south, and Oracle Rd. to the west. The neighborhood is a mix of commercial and residential properties with many multi-family housing units, single family homes, restaurants, and small businesses. Every decade since the 1940s is represented in the architecture throughout this small neighborhood, with homes and commercial spaces built over the years and as recently as 2018. It has one, secret pocket park - Laguna Park - which is tucked into the corner where McFar Dr. curves into Tolman Dr.

Laguna Park in Coronado Heights

“There is a giant man wielding an ax on the corner of Stone and Glenn!” my uncle Darren told me when I first moved to Tucson. At the time, my uncle Darren made sure I got a comprehensive tour of the city, and Coronado Heights’ resident lumberjack was a must-see. Apparently, in his youth, my uncle enjoyed calling 911 to warn of the menace on the corner. The 20 foot tall, fiberglass statue was purchased in 1964 in San Francisco by Leo Toia, who strapped it to a flatbed truck and drove it down to adorn, or perhaps protect, his property at the corner of Stone and Glenn. 


Coronado Heights’ resident lumberjack towers over the Stone and Glenn intersection. 

Coronado Heights Neighborhood Association was established in 2009 and is still active today. Their objective is to “act as an advocate and organizing body for the people living in the neighborhood, by encouraging communication and participation, to improve the quality of life.”  President Donna Perry has lived in Coronado for over 20 years and is often seen riding her bike, her preferred method of transportation. She attends many public meetings hosted by the City and community partners to stay informed and better advocate for the community. To connect with the association, please email

There is plenty to eat in Coronado! My personal favorite is El Chinito Gordo (I love their pozole ), and Marisco’s Baja Mar food truck has great ceviche.


El Chinito Gordo on Oracle Rd.