RillitoBend Neighborhood Profile

RillitoBend by CJ Boyd


RillitoBend is bounded by the Rillito river to the north and east, Prince Road to the south, and Campbell Avenue to the west. The neighborhood association changed its name from Prince Tucson in 2014.


Labrynth at Rio Vista Natural Resource Park

The neighborhood’s unique riparian environment is defined by the washes that flow through the area to the Rillito River. In the 1990s, the neighbors banded together to establish the Rio Vista Natural Resource Park to enhance and preserve the natural vegetation and wildlife habitat of the area. The Park was brought about by the decades of work by volunteers and City/County officials and features a labyrinth designed and built by the neighbors.


The mural at the Cactus Avenue entrance to RillitoBend, designed by Sue Ann Breems and created by several neighbors

The mosaic tile sign at the entrance to the neighborhood was created by artist and former midwife Sue Ann Breems. Under her direction, neighbors cut, painted, and glued the tiles, with the result being a beautiful welcome to the neighborhood.

RillitoBend boasts a great deal of artistic talent, including the childhood home of one of Tucson’s most famous resident’s, Linda Ronstadt, who grew up on her family’s ranch off Prince Road. The neighborhood is also home to artist Maynard Dixon, famous for his paintings of the American Southwest, and his wife Edith Hamlin, a painter in her own right.


Fantasy tree at Valley of the Moon

One of the neighborhood’s historic artists, George Legler, created the fantasy park The Valley of the Moon. This fairy-tale themed park was founded in 1923 and is listed on The National Register of Historic Places.

Photographer and longtime resident Vicky Stromee was attracted to the area by its “dark skies, close to the river, artistic and friendly neighbors, shared interest in the natural environment. An oasis of rural living within the city.”

Doctor turned botanical illustrator Melanie Campbell-Carter, says "I've lived in many places during my life, and I'm delighted to say that RillitoBend is the home I've always wanted. You can buy a house, but you can't buy great neighbors! I've loved every day living here in RillitoBend. We look out for each other. I can think of no higher praise for a neighborhood.”

The neighborhood doesn’t include any schools or churches, but does include amenities like the Tucson Racquet Club and the Hitching Post Ranch at Gentleman’s Acres.

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