Development Services Programs

Certificate of Occupancy Relief

A new Certificate of Occupancy is not required for a new tenant of an existing building unless the occupancy classification changes for any portion of the building. This policy significantly facilitates development by reducing permit fees and enabling a new tenant to use existing site and/or floor plans.

Cross-Trained Inspectors

The City has cross-trained building Inspectors so that, for routine inspections, one inspector can inspect all areas, including structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These combination inspections allow for a smoother, more efficient inspection process, saving businesses time and money.

Development Package Review

The Development Package Review provides simultaneous reviews for Site Development and Grading Plan review. Applicants use a development package menu to select the types of reviews needed and the review agencies required for review. The Development Package Review process greatly reduces the review time and increases review consistency.

Impact Fee Deferral

Impact fees for roads, parks and public facilities may be deferred until the Certificate of Occupancy is received in exchange for a contribution to the City’s Housing Trust Fund.

Mayor-Manager Action Team

The Mayor-Manager Action Team ensures that new development or redevelopment projects valued at $3 million dollars will be provided with a dedicated Project/Portfolio Manager and team needed to navigate swiftly through development review to project completion.

Planned Area Development (PAD) Streamlining

Within the Greater and the Downtown Core Infill Incentive Districts, the rezoning process to create Planned Area Developments of less than 40 acres is streamlined. These rezoning requests no longer require pre-approval by the Mayor and Council and go directly to the Zoning Examiner then are subject to final consideration by Mayor and Council.