Auto Dealers Sign Pre-Annexation Agreement

Several high-end auto dealerships along Wetmore Road, just outside of the Tucson Auto Mall, have signed an agreement to move into the City of Tucson and pay the 2 percent City sales tax. As part of the agreement, which still requires Mayor and City Council approval, the dealers would be reimbursed a portion of the sales tax for 10 years to help them pay for training, college tuition, and workforce development.

Open Houses Scheduled for Tucson Parks and Recreation Five-Year Master Plan

The Tucson Parks and Recreation Department will hold a series of community-wide open houses to gather public input on how it can best deliver recreation and leisure opportunities. The draft five-year master plan anticipates future needs and outlines the actions necessary to deliver high-quality recreation facilities, programs, and services to the Tucson area.

Interactive Maps Provide Valuable Information About Tucson

ZoomTucson is an interactive mapping site that allows citizens to find government information and services, such as political representatives, trash and recycling collection schedules, zoning, and school boundaries. ZoomTucson's clean and simple map interface allows users to search by an address or click on a location to display a wealth of information. It's also good for people interested in moving to Tucson.