El Rio Dedicates New Space at Historic Manning House

El Rio Community Health Center held the official ribbon cutting yesterday for its headquarters in the historic Manning House it has been renovating for 18 months, while the center also celebrates completion of a nearby three-story building. More than 230 employees have been moving to the new downtown campus over the past two months.

The project cost a little more than $11 million, which includes the initial purchase price.

Texting While Driving Can be Deadly (Video)

While we do a lot of communicating via text, doing it at the wrong time can have fatal consequences. In the videos linked below, Tucson 12 shows you how easy it is for a moment of distraction to turn tragic.

Texting while driving also is illegal in city limits. In addition to risking your own life, and the lives of others, motorists caught texting while driving are subject to a $100 fine. The penalty increases to $250 if involved in an accident.

Recruitment Underway for Summer Pool Employees

The Tucson Parks and Recreation department is looking for water safety instructors (WSI) and lifeguards this summer. More than 150 lifeguards and swimming instructors are needed for seasonal work at City of Tucson pools, beginning the week of May 23. Applicants must be at least 16 years old at time of hire and have knowledge of water hazards, lifesaving techniques, and first aid.

To apply, you must attend a May 7 lifeguard screening at 9 a.m. at Catalina High School Pool, 2005 N. Dodge Blvd. and bring all of your certifications.

Go Behind the Barricades to Learn About Lane Closures (Video)

Do you ever drive and wonder why you see barricades and it seems nothing is being done? While it might not be apparent that work is in progress, something may be happening that you can't see.

Engineering Manager Sam Credio with the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) goes "Behind the Barricades" to show what’s going on when lanes are closed.

City of Tucson Holds Workshops on License and Sales Tax Reporting

Learn your rights and responsibilities for the Transaction Privilege (sales) Tax by attending a Tax and License Workshop sponsored by the City of Tucson Finance Department. Questions will be answered, and written materials will be available. Samples of sales tax records, worksheets, and monthly returns will be explained. You should bring a calculator and a pencil.

View the Status of Road Bond Projects

The City of Tucson has an interactive map to track the progress of the Road Recovery bond project. The five-year plan voters approved in 2012 spends $100 million to improve roadways in our community.

You can click an area of the city on the map and find out which projects are completed, planned, and active. Information also includes the number of miles in each project, and the ability to turn map layers on and off to narrow your search.