Menlo Pool

1060 W. Fresno Street • Tucson AZ 85745
(520) 791-4356

Summer Season Facility (June to August)

Menlo Pool is located in Menlo Park.

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The main pool ranges from 3.5-12 feet in depth and features a 141-foot long water slide. The separate wading pool is 2 feet deep.


Pool Hours: Closed for the Season


Activities, Amenities, and Programs

Activities Amenities Programs
Recreational Swim Recreation Pool Swim Lessons
  Wading Pool  
  Water Slide (141-foot-long slide)  

Pool Rules

  • Pool rules are posted at each pool site
  • Pool rules may be tailored to each site according to the amenities available (e.g. slides, diving boards, wading and recreational areas)
  • Pool rules are enforced by staff at all times
  • Babies and children who are not toilet trained are required to wear tight-fitting, waterproof pants