Domestic Violence Court News


Domestic Violence Court was founded in 2012 with a grant from the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women, and over the years we have continued to work on a Coordinated Community Response within the Tucson community to make sure that victims are offered services, constitutional rights of all parties are respected and convicted offenders are held accountable.

We work with the Tucson City Prosecutors Office, the City of Tucson Public Defenders office, Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse, the Tucson Police Department, Pima County Superior Court Probation Department, Community Outreach Program for the Deaf, Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, DeafHope, Tucson Adult Rehabilitation Center, and other agencies.

The Court has received several recognitions and has pursued numerous projects in furtherance of our mission.

DV Court Recognition

- Letter from Center for Court Innovation(PDF, 185KB)

- Community partnership award form Emerge! Center Agaist Domestic Abuse(PDF, 187KB)

- Ward 6 letter(PDF, 1MB)

- Certificate of Appreciation(PDF, 477KB)

- Letter from United States Attorney(PDF, 161KB)

- Letter from Vice Mayor(PDF, 126KB)

- Strategic Agenda Award(PDF, 509KB)

Women in Government 2014(JPG, 68KB)

- Women in Government 2018(PDF, 132KB)

DV Court News

- 2015 Grant News Release(PDF, 525KB)

- 2018 Grant News Release(PDF, 138KB)

- AZ Attorney(PDF, 752KB)

- Tucson News Now(PDF, 866KB)

- NPR Interview

Assessing Risk in Judicial Settings

- DV Court works with Deaf Community

- Cops Courts and Coffee Article(PDF, 121KB)

- TA Bulletin 2014(PDF, 1MB)

- TA Bulletin 2018(PDF, 2MB)

- DV Court articles

Pima County Bar Association - The Writ 1215(JPG, 560KB)

- Firearm Article(PDF, 579KB)

- DV Court and Mentor Court Projects

- Scottsdale Visit(PDF, 99KB)

- Mentor Court All Site Visit(PDF, 34KB)