Free Water Audit through the Zanjero Program

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​​Tucson Water Zanjero Program logoTucson Water has a program to help residential customers manage their water use called the Zanjero Program (Zahn-HAIR-oh, or water manager). Customers can request a free individualized survey of home water use that gives them tips and information on how to lower water use and water bills.

Tucson Water Zanjeros have extensive training in indoor and outdoor water conservation and efficiency. A Zanjero audit includes checking for leaks, measuring flow rates of showerheads and faucets, looking for special water uses such as spas, pools, or misting systems, and analyzing the efficiency of an irrigation system. During an audit, new low-flow fixtures, faucet aerators, or other water-saving devices may be installed. The customer receives the results, as well as information to help decrease water use and water bills.

To request a Zanjero water audit, e-mail Tucson Water Customer Service and include your name, service address or account number, and a telephone number to reach you.