Sweetwater Wetlands

Sweetwater Wetlands is open to the public seven days a week for self-guided tours.

Bicycle riding and dogs are not allowed on the property.

For more information, select from the links below, call 520-791-4331 or e-mail Tucson Water's Public Information / Conservation Office (PICO).

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About Sweetwater Wetlands and Access

The Sweetwater Wetlands is a water treatment facility, an urban wildlife habitat, and an outdoor classroom. It is part of the City of Tucson's reclaimed water system.

Self-Guided Tours of Sweetwater Wetlands

Guests can use a QR code reader app on any smart device to view the Wetlands in a scientific way while at this popular 60-acre site.

Sweetwater Wetlands Mosquito Abatement

Tucson Water is a partner in local efforts to protect residents from the West Nile and Zika viruses.

Sweetwater Wetlands Annual Controlled Burn

In early March, Tucson Water and the Tucson Fire Department conduct a controlled burn to remove dead and thatched bulrush and cattail which could stifle new spring growth.​