Hard to Recycle Plastics Orange Bin

The City of Tucson's Orange Bin or Hard to Recycle Plastics Program, in partnership with Hefty® ReNew™ orange bag program and Byfusion. This is a voluntary program that gives participating residents a way to collect plastics that are not accepted as loose items in the curbside blue recycle bin. This variety of plastics is diverted from the landfill to be converted into valued resources. 

Hard to Recycle Plastics Program Billing Insert(PDF, 218KB)

How Can I Get Started?

  1. Use a clear bag or purchase Hefty® ReNew™ orange bags at participating Walmart and Frys stores.
  2. Collect hard-to-recycle plastics in the bag.
  3. Bring your full, tied bags to the orange roll-off drop off sites.
  4. The bags will be collected and delivered to the local recycling facility.
  5. The collected plastics can become an energy resource, feedstock for fuels or new products, or ground into smaller pieces to make new plastic building products and plastic lumber. 

Drop Off Locations

  • Ward 2 Office, 7820 E. Broadway
  • Ward 4 Office, 8123 E. Poinciana Drive
  • Ward 5 Office, 4300 S Park Ave
  • Ward 6 Office, 3202 E. 1st Street
  • Fire Station 15, 1925 S. San Antonio Drive

Accepted Items

Bread bags, candy wrappers, snack packaging, can holders, plastic and reusable bags, coffee bean bags, trash bags, bubble wrap, film, air pouches, utensils, straws, plastic plates,

cups, table liners, coffee lids, and specialty drink cups

End Market

Join others in your community to reduce the amount of plastics in your local landfill and turn them into valued resources.


Hefty Renew

To learn more about this voluntary recycling program including what can go in the orange bags, where you can purchase the orange bags, and what happens to the orange bags after collection, go to the Hefty® ReNew™ website.

The Hefty® ReNew™ program was developed and is managed by Reynolds Consumer Products and DOW Chemical Corporation. The City of Tucson is one of several US cities that participate in the program.