Park Tucson, the City of Tucson's Parking Manager

Pay Your Parking Tickets Through Park Tucson, Including Online Payments

As of Monday, December 14, 2015, Park Tucson is collecting and processing all on-time payments for parking tickets issued in the City of Tucson, on or after that date, whether written by Park Tucson or the Tucson Police Department.

Citation fines may be paid on-line, by phone, by mail, in person at the Park Tucson office at 110 E. Pennington Street in Downtown Tucson, or at the after-hours drop box outside our office. An option to pay for fines through the GoTucson app will be available this Spring.

Instructions on how to pay tickets

Fine for Expired Meter Citation now Reduced

Effective Monday, December 14, 2015, the fine for parking violations under the Basic Parking Controls section of the Tucson City Code has been reduced from $64 to $42.   The Basic Parking Controls include such violations as expired meter, parking longer than the posted time limit, and “feeding” a meter.

GoTucson App now allows easy payment for Parking and Transit

The new GoTucson app is the first mobile application anywhere that allows you to pay for either parking or transit! Download the newly-updated GoTucson app from your smart-phone app store and you'll be able to purchase fares for the Sun Link streetcar, Sun Tran, and Sun Shuttle, as well as parking at any Park Tucson meter in the city.

GoTucson also allows you to pay for meter parking without the app at even without a smart-phone at (520) 441-3752.

Park Tucson Garages

  1. City/State (easy access from Interstate 10, just east of the Circle K)
  2. Main Library (enter off Alameda St.)
  3. Pennington Street (enter off Scott Ave.)
  4. Depot Plaza (underground parking on 5th Ave.)
  5. Centro (easy access from west-bound Broadway Blvd.)

Parking Tips

It’s important for motorists to park correctly in street spaces adjacent to the streetcar tracks. All parts of your vehicle – including tires and side mirror – must be within the marked white lines of the parking space. Park incorrectly and you may pay a fine, towing costs, and impound fees.

Park Tucson Overview

Park Tucson offers conveniently-located on-street parking, parking garages, and parking lots in Downtown Tucson and along the Sun Link modern streetcar route. We also manage resident and non-resident on-street permit parking programs in neighborhoods around the University of Arizona and the business districts along the Sun Link line. We offer parking near government and other offices in Downtown, as well as cultural, retail, dining and entertainment venues from the Mercado District on Tucson's West Side to the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center area. For parking information call (520) 791-5071 or email us at