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Reuniting With Your Lost Property

See items currently stored by the Property & Evidence Section without owner information turned in as found property

Way too often property is turned into a law enforcement agency, but cannot be returned as a result of poor documentation on the part of the owner.   Unless you can provide proof of ownership, your valuables may end up auctioned or worse, in a landfill.  

To assist law enforcement with reuniting you with your property & heirlooms:

  • Document serial numbers and keep a copy somewhere other than an electronic device that can be lost or stolen
  • Apply unique identifying markings to objects
  • Photograph valuables
  • Maintain purchase receipts
  • Report your stolen property & obtain a police case report number
  • Consider registering with www.Foundrop.com and visit Tucson Property at www.foundrop.com/organizations/20

lost & found property at tucson police

“When things go missing, help us help you.”

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