Tucson Police Department

Reuniting With Your Lost Property

Way too often property is turned into a law enforcement agency, but cannot be returned as a result of poor documentation on the part of the owner.   Unless you can provide proof of ownership, your valuables may end up auctioned or worse, in a landfill.  

To assist law enforcement with reuniting you with your property & heirlooms:

  • document serial numbers and keep a copy somewhere other than an electronic device that can be lost or stolen
  • apply unique identifying markings to objects
  • photograph valuables
  • maintain purchase receipts
  • report your stolen property & obtain a police case report number
  • Consider registering with www.Foundrop.com

Where Lost Items are Found

“When things go missing, help us help you.”

To see items currently stored by the Property & Evidence Section without owner information turned in as found property, click here.  Learn more about Foundrop.com by visiting www.Foundrop.com


The Tucson Police Department provides this video for tips on how to lessen your chances of becoming a victim of car break-in types of crimes.  Lock Your Car PSA







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